So you are thinking about doing some volunteering in Dufferin, but you aren't just sure where to start, what you might do, how you can contribute in your community. Perhaps this is your first experience, or maybe you'd like to try something a little different than what you have done before. Below are some questions you can ask yourself, to help you look at all the possibilities, while reflecting on what you have to offer, what might suit you best right now?


● When needed, do you offer support to friends and family in a particular way?
● What are your skills?
● What do you love doing most? What are the things I do with others that I find I am really enjoying? What are the things I do alone that I really enjoy?
● What have you done to help others that really felt satisfying for you?
● What have you done as a job or a role that you felt good about? Loved doing?
● What do people recognize you for, say you do well?
● If you had all the time and money in the world, what problem would you solve? What would you change or create? Your answer will tell you what matters to you most.
● How much time can you commit? Weekly? Monthly? Mornings or evenings?
● What kinds of people do you want to work with--both in terms of who is receiving the services and who your co-workers might be? Do you want to volunteer with children? The seniors or disabled?
● Where would you like to volunteer? At home or at an organization? Do you have transportation?
● Do you have specific skills or talents you would like to share? Others could benefit from your expertise--whether that be gardening, sewing, bookkeeping, web designing or are you really good at helping people of any age to feel comfortable talking?
● What are your personal goals? Gain work experience, explore a new career, champion a cause near and dear to your heart, or are you really just searching for some new directions and ways to spend your time?
● Are you willing to participate in a training course or do you want to start your volunteer work right away? A training course can boost your skills, but it can also be time-consuming.
● What DON'T you want to do as a volunteer? Identifying your dislikes will give you a clearer picture of what your ideal volunteer experience looks like.